Shifting the Perspective of Work

BY: Jacqueline Melendez, thinkLA

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

WORK. Work is a four letter word that we are all too familiar with. It comes with different meanings for different people for different reasons at different times. The bottom line is that work is what you make of it. At its basic construct, work is a method of providing ourselves with the basic necessities such as food and shelter. However, it can become something so much more than that. It can be an extension of who we are as individuals, something we have worked so hard to earn the privilege to be a part of.

For the last two years, I have had the opportunity to work in a big agency, and it has been such a gift. It has felt like I am working in Santa's Workshop, where my colleagues are magical individuals that bring brilliant ideas to life. Despite this wonder, it is easy to feel small as you wander through the workshop. That’s where knowing your meaning and purpose come into play. I find my meaning starts with giving myself credit and taking pride in my accomplishments at work, be it big or small. Because I work in such a big “Workshop” it is easy to be looked over, but that’s okay. I give myself individual goals and targets to hit and accomplish and when I do just that, I leave the “Workshop” with a bit more of a bop in my step. :)

It’s important to remember that everything in your life belongs to something bigger. Every project you work on, every person you meet, every email you answer is all contributing to helping you become your best self. Two years ago, I never could have imagined myself being in the position I am today. I was waiting tables and finishing up school, but I just kept working. Working for something more. Throughout all of this I learned from my experiences, and I embraced every opportunity that came my way. This helped open the door for me at the agency I would soon drive two hours each way to be a part of. An experience that has granted me access to intimate performances by Grammy winning musicians, opportunities to cheer on my favorite sports teams from luxury suites and provide me with memories that I could only dream of.  This attitude has helped me thrive in my former jobs, my current job and I will certainly take it with me as I open doors to my future endeavors.