At times I felt so overwhelmed with all I needed to do just to get through the day, that I didn’t take the time I needed to focus on myself and achieving my long term goals and desires. Chelsea was fantastic. She helped put things into perspective and provided the support I needed to have confidence in myself, and my path in life. Chelsea is very uplifting and always makes you feel like you are getting encouragement and guidance from a knowledgeable friend!
— J. K. // California

Verbal Courage Clarity Kickstart


If you're brand new to Verbal Courage coaching, I recommend you begin with the CLARITY KICKSTART which features an extremely insightful assessment. 

This package will take us underneath the symptoms of your issues to the root cause of what's going on; and shine a spotlight on what needs to shift in your life.

CLARITY KICKSTART is perfect for you if:

  • You're a woman in a leadership role who wears your confidence like an exhausting facade.
  • You're a woman who is ready to feel aligned and inspired about your career path—which you know involves stepping up and advocating for yourself.
  • You're a woman who feels stuck—on a busyness treadmill you can't seem to find the off-ramp for—knowing there's a better way to live, but irritated and skeptical due to past failed attempts to calm your situation.

CLARITY KICKSTART will provide deep insights into what you really want and what's currently blocking you from it.

For pricing & additional details please email


Verbal Courage Power Session

THE 50-minute power session

This is a great option if you are a past client in need of a tune-up or a newcomer who is considering a multi-session journey.

It's also a fantastic option if you're:

  • nervous about a big presentation
  • anxious about a date
  • making a difficult decision and need an outside perspective
  • wondering how to navigate an upcoming negotiation
  • in need of a potent attitude adjustment 
  • considering a significant life change soon

The POWER SESSION is 50 minutes of skilled laser coaching to help you through an immediate challenge.

For pricing & additional details please email


Verbal Courage 5 Sessions

The 5-Session Journey

True, sustainable transition takes ongoing commitment, courage, practice, and support. 

When you're seriously excited about empowering your voice to elevate your career or to take bold steps with your relationships, then a multi-session Verbal Courage coaching journey is a MUST! 

You'll look forward to your weekly 50-minute sessions as we peel back the layers of your personally imposed obstacles (the ones buried deep inside, that you aren't consciously aware of) to dismantle false stories, calm residual fears, and let go of habits that aren't serving you.

I'll help you identify what you really want your life to be about; and with each session, we'll do the work and take the steps together to make that vision a reality.

Packages includes the The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (see CLARITY KICKSTART program above for assessment details)

Are you ready to finally feel like the version of yourself you've kept waiting in the wings all these years?

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Chelsea has been a huge help. Her approach helped me take a much needed step back and understand the different aspects of my life, what I wanted, and how to get there. I would definitely utilize Chelsea’s talents again.
— S.S. // California

Verbal Courage 12 Sessions


If you know the Verbal Courage coaching journey is for you (and a free discovery session will help you decide - email to schedule one), then why not commit to a truly transformative 12-session journey that includes the The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (see step 1 of the CLARITY KICKSTART program above for assessment details)?

For pricing & additional details please email

Chelsea is truly passionate and excited about guiding women to find their voice. It’s something she was absolutely meant to do. Her easy going mannerism provides a very open and comfortable space for sharing and growing. She has taught me to value of my personal thoughts and opinions and helped me find the voice to express them confidently. Having a voice makes life fun!
— K.M // California