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Welcome to the Thrive Project

I'm career and life coach Chelsea Szabo and I've worked with women from some of the biggest, most influential advertising agencies, media companies, marketing firms and organizations in the world.

With close ties to the marketing industry for over a decade, whether through my time in the field or as a career coach, I can tell you I've witnessed the heavy toll it takes when women feel like they are working in environments steeped in inequality. On the other hand, I've seen real women—like you and me—completely THRIVE in their careers.

I started the THRIVE PROJECT because I believe with the right tools, support, and inspiration every woman can elevate her advertising career and personal joy beyond what she currently thinks is possible.

Help us spread the word!

A fifteen minute survey is a small investment for the benefits you'll receive. Learn more below!

A fifteen minute survey is a small investment for the benefits you'll receive. Learn more below!


Collect 500 surveys from women in the advertising industry (including media, technology, marketing, and related roles that touch on innovation and creativity) to help us understand:

What does it personally mean to thrive?
Success looks different to everyone, but let's see if we can find some patterns or themes so we can begin setting better goals.

What does it look like to thrive?
Is it really about income level? A corner office? A prestigious title? Or something more? Let's combine our insights and learn from savvy, real-world advertising pros.

What does it take to thrive?
Are we giving massive amounts of energy to concerns that don't actually move the needle? Wouldn't it feel amazing to spend our time doing the things that actually matter—to free up space in our lives for more wellness, creativity, family, romantic intimacy, and fun!

What you'll get for participating:

  • A 1-hour group call to review the survey results & glean empowering insights into your greatest potential as a professional

  • A powerful workbook to help you integrate the lessons, wisdom, mindsets, and action steps necessary to thrive in your career

  • Invitation to our exclusive, private Facebook community for professional women, where we'll support one another and share resources as we elevate our careers and thrive together!

Survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
Your participation is 100% anonymous.
You'll receive instant access to the private Facebook community we're building.
We will touch base with you via email to coordinate the group call in December.

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