our year-long study uncovered what REALLY MAKES WOMEN FEEL UNHAPPY AT WORK:

  • inability to initiate difficult conversations
  • lack of a professional, experienced female mentor
  • feelings of overwhelm about work/life balance
  • desire for purpose and meaning beyond just a paycheck
  • hiding parts of their true identity to fit in and succeed

Verbal Courage™ coaching, blog, quiz, presentations, and podcast help working women stop blending in and start speaking up. Our research-based guidance will help you tune into your natural, radiant self; and empower you to navigate your career without sacrificing your femininity and personal fulfillment to get ahead.


Career reinvention starts here

Develop sustainable courage and confidence in every area of your career by:

  • freeing yourself from the past
  • discovering your truest values
  • empowering your natural strengths
  • moving through life without guilt, doubt, fear, or regret

I'm Verbal Courage™ founder, Chelsea Szabo, and I'll help you rewire the way you think and feel about yourself. Together, we'll ditch your inner critic, stop the chronic people-pleasing, and learn how to articulate exactly what you want so you can start making clear (and exciting) decisions! 




Ready to stop feeling like a pretender at work?
We'll help you show up confidently as your TRUE self and start loving your job again!