The Power of A Simple Thank You


By: ALLY IMAI, Shazam

This has been quite a big topic for my team these days. The revenue goals are higher and the dedicated resources are the same (for the time being), so naturally, tensions will increase for everyone involved in making that lofty goal. This sometimes means there is more demanding of more of everything versus a request to help create together. 

Call me naive, but I truly believe something as simple as a "thank you," a "you did a great job on this" can go a long way in alleviating those tensions during stressful times. Something as quiet and unassuming as sitting there, sharing a cookie while brainstorming with the team can make all the difference.

It's that sense of camaraderie and appreciation for what you & your teammates are going through, what you’re building together, that builds a sense of loyalty because of the mutual respect for one another. You end up going above and beyond for this person (these people) because you know your hard work never goes unnoticed with them.

We get so busy focusing on the huge revenue goal, the big project, the demand for excellence, that we sometimes forget our manners, and that’s ok, we’re human.  But regardless of which side you may reside on at the moment, don’t forget be mindful of displaying gratitude and appreciation to those around you, who you work with towards a collective goal and more importantly, for yourself!

And for those who might not practice gratitude and appreciation as much as we’d like them to, giving them a little nudge-nudge and a kind reminder to mind their manners is not a bad thing. It’s all in how you phrase it. But you taking the step to remind them (sometimes we need a reminder!) and them remembering can only make the world (office) a better place, right? :)