Enough is Enough

By: CECILIA GORMAN, Creative + Talent + Partners

If I had one single wish, it would be to have an on/off switch to my inner voice.

You know the one. It plays a continuous loop of criticism about your weight, your hair, your outfit, your job, your love life, you name it….over and over and over.

I wish I could switch it off. Even if it was just for a day or heck, an hour!

I’m curious how we got here (And when I say “we” I mean us girls).  How’d we get to the point when a non-reality, made up in our heads, becomes the all-knowing guide of our lives?

My guess is habit. It started in grade school, once we realized there were popular kids and boys and felt like we didn’t measure up to either. Then we got to high school, where there was more of the same – only in greater numbers.

Day after day, we felt those slight feelings of inadequacy and, over time, it became ingrained in us that we just weren’t enough.

Well, enough is enough.

It’s time to reclaim some space in our thoughts that isn’t filled with a negative critic. It’s time to acknowledge that most of what we beat ourselves up over isn’t real. As Brene Brown wrote in Rising Strong, “The story I’m making up in my head is…..”

It’s time to quiet the voices that don’t serve to lift us up.