Deadline. EOD. As soon as possible. Past due.



“When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.” – Patrick Stump

I’ve always loved this saying. The post-holiday blues are in full swing, and I’ve cherished this reminder countless times in the last month. I am a firm believer in appreciating and acknowledging those around you. Even on your worst days—which tends to be the times we need to remember appreciation the most. And then this happens…

Deadline. EOD. As soon as possible. Past due.

As soon as our eyes scan those treacherous words in an email, the sirens blare. Suddenly we become reactive instead of proactive. Panic. Submit. Mistakes. Resend. It’s scattered, jumbled, horrific! Is your heart racing yet?

Mine does. Sometimes, I forget to. just. breathe. Sounds overly simplified, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing- you are not going to feel appreciated until you feel like you’re submitting work than can be appreciated. In my last post, I discussed one of my New Year’s resolutions: reflection. So far, I’ve gained a better understanding on the importance of planning, double-checking work, and asking for help if something in unclear.

Recall that overwhelming snippet I described above. Everyone has those days. You are not in this alone. If we can remember this, maybe we can better empathize with and appreciate other’s workloads, too. Employee Appreciation Day is March 3. Did you know that most employees just want simple recognition above all else? Here’s a short but sweet Forbes article that discusses ways in which we can celebrate each other. Additionally, here’s a link to different types of praise you can give someone depending on what they’re doing well.