Thriving is a Feeling We Can ALL Have

By: ALLY IMAI, Shazam

For some women, thriving in the workforce might mean getting the title promotion, the monetary promotion, or the “thank you” card from a colleague for helping them out. There are different motivations that keep them coming back to work every day and these moments of “thriving” appear to give them a sense of purpose in their job.  

I’ll start off by describing moments when I feel I’m thriving at my job.  It’s when my colleagues come to me with questions and I’m able to help them.  When I can offer a more efficient way of doing a task. As you’ll notice, I have a theme for when I feel my optimal, thriving self, and it’s when I’m helping someone make their job easier. And honestly, the smile on their face, their gratitude is enough reward for me.

It’s this simple sentiment of wanting to be thanked, appreciated, acknowledged that appears to be a recurring theme for most women in the workforce. Despite my involvement in the study, this information was offered to me, without asking, from a handful of my friends and colleagues - that all they really want is to know their hard work is appreciated.

My point on women thriving in the workforce is this - it’s going to mean something different for each of us. It’s the positive motivation that makes us feel like we’re part of making the office a happy place to come to daily, to contributing to the business’ growth overall.

But my other point, is that we cannot wait for others to make thriving happening for us. Just like I believe that we are in charge of our happiness, I believe the same for finding what makes us feel alive and successful in our jobs. However, it is something that every woman, no matter her title or pay grade, can achieve. Thriving is a feeling we can all have!